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Calling all innovators and inventors!

  Do you have a great product idea or invention relevant to the construction industry? Or do you like puzzles and want to have a go at solving a problem identified within the industry? Travis Perkins plc has announced the first Travis Perkins Innovation Awards (TPIA) opened for...
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How do you know if your solar PV system is performing well?

This is a question that we get asked regularly at the NSC and a surprisingly high percentage of owners either do not check, or have any way of knowing, how their solar PV system is performing. The majority of system owners invest in solar PV for financial reasons and...
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02 Feb 2016

We are BRE

How much do you know about BRE? Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, government or real estate, you have most likely come across either our research, products, services, standards or qualifications in the UK and internationally.  As like any complex organisation, we...
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29 Jan 2016

The BIM Explainer

Not long ago I read and really liked Randall Monroe’s Book Thing Explainer, and for years I have read his page. It was interesting because it explained things only using the most used ten hundred words; so I have done the same by writing this piece about Building Information...
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28 Jan 2016

BIM business systems certification brings business benefits to BSD

BIM Manager of consulting engineers BSD Ellie Hayes talks to the BRE team about the UK-wide company’s recently awarded BRE BIM Business Systems Certification which demonstrates a company’s compliance with the requirements of BIM Level 2. She explains how BSD and its clients stand...
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BRE provides consumer guidance on solar storage

The BRE National Solar Centre launched a consumer guide for solar storage systems to compliment the technical guide for installers, that was also released today. Written in collaboration with Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), the new guide aims to provide information on the...
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23 Oct 2015

Biomimicry and lots of robots – technology roundup from Technology4Change

Cactus inspired biomimicry could help solve water scarcity Researchers in Beijing have developed a prototype technology using artificial cactus spines to collect fog from the air. Read more on Materials Review. Drones and robots could create a self-repairing city Researchers at...
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07 Oct 2015

Smog Vacuums, 3D printing and glass-based paint – 4 of the best technology videos on the web

3D Printed Glass Team at MIT look at the potential for using 3D printing glass. The two chamber system appeared in the September edition of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing.   Glass paint to keep metal surfaces cool Researchers at John Hopkins University have...
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25 Sep 2015

From Bridges to Robots – The Facility’s Innovation Journey

In our latest innovation interview, supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network, we caught up with Oliver Schneider from innovation-led architectural practice The Facility. The Facility started in the early 1990s as a traditional architecture practice. Oliver’s passion for...
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25 Sep 2015

Innovation Learning from Skanska

In the latest in our series of innovator interviews, we caught up with Sam Stacey, Skanska’s Head of Innovation. Skanska is emerging as one of the UK’s most innovative main contractors. Sam joined Skanska in 2011 in a new role as Head of Innovation. Sam has responsibility for...
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