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22 Apr 2016

Embracing Innovation in Architecture

While Architecture is not the world’s oldest profession, its antiquity has never been cast in doubt; yet it has managed to always be a role that has continually evolved. Centuries ago, design and construction would typically be undertaken by the local artisan, and it wasn’t until...
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02 Nov 2015

Boardroom to Building site survey launched – Win an Apple Watch!

You may have read our previous blogs about this survey being launched by the BRE Academy (if not, then have a read: ‘Measuring the Boardroom to Building Site skills gap‘ and ‘Closing the skills gap: how important is it for future construction‘ , and we can...
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09 Oct 2015

Closing the skills gap – how important is it for future construction?

For those of us who spent time at UK Construction Week recently the answer is a resounding ‘very’. Several seminar sessions explored the issues including ‘The Skills Debate – Moving words into action’, ‘Retaining and attracting talent in the UK Construction sector...
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07 Oct 2015

Measuring the ‘boardroom to building site’ skills gap

‘Director of the BRE Academy Pauline Traetto shared her views at UK Construction Week today about the need to evaluate the construction industry’s skills at all levels in response to a convergence of challenges currently hitting the sector and forcing it to change the...
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