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25 Feb 2019

How much traceability is enough?

‘Momentum building for cattle traceability’ according to Beef Magazine. The New York Times is asking ‘Will blockchain fix the mineral traceability woes?’ The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative has created a standard with a traceability mechanism to ensure that certified...
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17 May 2018

Modern Day Slavery: It is people that will rescue people

This article first appeared on the Thompson Reuters Foundation News website. In the past few years in particular we have noticed an awakening in society and industry to the harsh realisation that modern day slavery is real and affects people from all nations and in many...
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22 Mar 2017

Ethical Labour Sourcing – A big leap for BRE, the industry and society

The Centre for Sustainable Products at BRE has a long tradition with product environmental assessment with products such as Environmental Profiles and the Green Guide to Specification. Over the past few years I have seen this evolve from a very quantitative approach to recognise...
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28 Sep 2016

Where does your wood come from?

For years now we have asked the question of food as consumer interest in the source of our food as well as a desire to support local farmers and a diversity of regional food has grown. It seems entirely logical that the same should apply to other materials and goods that we...
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07 Jun 2016

Launching a career with a BRE Trust Studentship

Dr Shamir Ghumra, BRE’s Head of Responsible Sourcing discusses how a PhD studentship from the BRE Trust has helped develop his career.
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27 Apr 2016

Time to review Responsible Sourcing

BRE is now starting a consultation process to update the BES 6001 standard. Currently at version 3, BRE is planning to issue a version 3.1 before the end of the year. Existing certificate holders and any other interested parties have been invited to the kick off meeting on 12th...
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31 Mar 2016

Setting a framework for responsible sourcing: BREEAM then, now and in the future

From the 1990’s in response to consumer concern over tropical forest population disturbance and wider deforestation, BREEAM began to encourage stakeholders to proactively mitigate associated risks.
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Image Courtesy Willmott Dixon
10 Mar 2016

Willmott Dixon and Sir Robert McAlpine Case study; Responsible Sourcing

BRE launched the first BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing (BES 6001) in October 2008 to meet industry and Government demand for a multi-sector and authoritative third party certified responsible sourcing scheme. The standard specifies requirements for...
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27 Jan 2016

Sustainable supply chains: Are you doing enough?

The arrival of the Modern Slavery Act will send ripples throughout the industry, not knowing it is simply not an answer. So how can BRE make a positive change in this space? Organisations with a turnover of more than £36m will have to start making publicly available statements...
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08 Dec 2015

Responsible sourcing network APRES given new home at BRE

BRE manages the Action Programme for Responsible Sourcing network – APRES – from 2016. Now in its 5th year, APRES was created by Loughborough University with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and extensive support from a number of...
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