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17 May 2018

Modern Day Slavery: It is people that will rescue people

This article first appeared on the Thompson Reuters Foundation News website. In the past few years in particular we have noticed an awakening in society and industry to the harsh realisation that modern day slavery is real and affects people from all nations and in many...
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07 Sep 2017

Eight Pathways Launched to Combat Modern Slavery and Unethical Practices in Supply Chains

New action programme, by APRES, to support the responsible and ethical sourcing of materials, products and people The APRES (Action Programme on Responsible and Ethical Sourcing) Eight Pathways Model is launched today via a White Paper produced by world-leading building science...
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22 Mar 2017

Ethical Labour Sourcing – A big leap for BRE, the industry and society

The Centre for Sustainable Products at BRE has a long tradition with product environmental assessment with products such as Environmental Profiles and the Green Guide to Specification. Over the past few years I have seen this evolve from a very quantitative approach to recognise...
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27 Feb 2017

Ecobuild 2017: from traditional sustainability to more social sustainability?

So much has changed since Ecobuild 2016; things that one would never have imagined possible happened… Leicester City won the Premier League and now face a fight for survival; the political arena globally now looks very different 12 months on too. So we look upon Ecobuild 2017...
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