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20 May 2016

The full cost of poor housing

Research from BRE reveals the £18.6 billion cost of leaving England’s housing homes unimproved. Although we’ve largely eradicated the diseases associated with the slums of the Victorian era in developed countries like England, there remain a significant number of...
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29 Apr 2016

The half billion £ cost of not carrying out preventative housing interventions

A new report from IHS BRE Press analyses the cost-benefit to the NHS arising from preventative housing interventions.  The report, funded by the BRE Trust, models the costs-benefit of some common preventive home interventions on a larger scale using national data sources. It...
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04 Apr 2016

7 ways to reduce unintended consequences from solid wall insulation

The environmental and financial benefits of insulating the UK’s older building stock are significant. However, if this is implemented badly, a number of unintended consequences could be introduced that could jeopardise the integrity of the building elements and the health and...
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30 Mar 2016

The science behind cracks in buildings

Have you ever wondered why cracks occur? Often unsightly, anyone involved in owning, occupying, designing, constructing or maintaining buildings have dealt with buildings cracks. In most artefacts a crack indicates that the item has failed – or will do so shortly, no matter...
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18 Feb 2016

Building performance: Bridging the gap between design and operation

By 2050, around half of the total carbon dioxide emissions from the UK non-domestic sector are likely to be from buildings that were constructed before 2020. While newbuild stock constitutes only 1% of the total building stock each year, it drives thinking across the sector in...
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05 Feb 2016

Alkali-activated binders for precast and ready-mixed concrete products

Alkali-activated (AA) binder technologies can utilise locally available clays, waste materials and industrial by-products in combination with a manufactured chemical activator. The production of AA binder technologies uses less energy and produces less carbon dioxide than...
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13 Oct 2015

Latest edition of BRE bestseller Building on Fill: Geotechnical Aspects

IHS BRE Press has just published the 3rd edition of the bestselling publication Building on fill: geotechnical aspects.  The latest revision, funded by the BRE Trust, draws on more than 40 years of BRE’s research and consultancy in the field. A high proportion of commercial,...
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05 Oct 2015


  A free to download Information Paper from authors Vina Kukadia and Alan Abela looks at how buildings can be made more resilient to chemical, biological and radiological threats. Buildings are currently not designed specifically to offer protection against chemical,...
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29 Sep 2015

Good Building Guide: Sound Insulation in Dwellings

New publication from IHS BRE Press provides practical guidance on designing and building homes with better sound insulation. With the global shift towards urban living and higher density developments, the issues surrounding noise in our homes is becoming ever more important....
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29 Sep 2015

7 ways you can improve your lighting to improve your health

Find out what you can do to make sure the lighting you use every day doesn’t have a negative impact on your health.   Lighting affects our health. It affects our mood and circadian rhythms. Poor lighting is linked to glare, headaches, eyestrain, skin conditions and various...
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