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30 May 2019

What’s the condition of your housing stock?

Understanding this is key to ensuring occupiers are not suffering ill health as a result of poor conditions   Where do we spend most of our time? At work? In the car? Most of us spend longer in our own home than anywhere else, and the condition of our homes therefore has an...
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05 Apr 2019

News Update from BRE’s Housing and Health Team – April 2019

Care and Repair England BRE’s Helen Garrett was invited to attend a CRE Older People’s Housing Champions Network meeting where she: shared knowledge on the nature and scale of the types of unsuitable housing, with a focus on older home owners and disrepair in their homes explored...
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14 Jan 2019

HSCD – Targeting Improvements in Housing Conditions and Public Health

Now used by 26 different local authorities throughout the UK, BRE’s HSCD targets improvements in housing conditions and helps to improve the standard of public health. Anabel Ramirez Aragon of BRE’s Housing & Health team writes. The Housing Stock Condition...
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08 Jan 2019

News Update from BRE’s Housing and Health Team – January 2019

North Somerset – Customer Story To address issues in the private rented sector, North Somerset Council recently adopted a ‘Rent with Confidence’ scheme. A review of housing conditions was carried out in 2017 to identify problematic areas and potential solutions. This...
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01 Jun 2018

News Update from BRE’s Housing and Health Team – June 2018

ECO3 – Energy Company Obligation BEIS recently published a consultation for the Energy Company Obligation – ECO3, the follow up to ECO2t. The following is a summary of the proposals: The new scheme would start in October 2018 and run to the end of March 2022 (3.5...
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The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation

The health and wellbeing of building occupants is a hot topic. It has been acknowledged that buildings have a direct impact on human wellbeing and happiness, something that is compounded by the large amount of time we spend indoors. With this growing interest has come a move to...
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22 Aug 2017

Healthy planning and regeneration innovations

Planning and regeneration can help create health promoting environments that are good for people and the environment. Over the last year I’ve been working with Southwark Council on an ambitious project to raise the profile of health and wellbeing in the Council’s...
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19 Jan 2017

Interview: Making a success of health and wellbeing

BRE’s core value is known to all who work for and within the organisation. This being that the health, safety and wellbeing (H&W) of all our staff, suppliers, resident partners and visitors comes before all else. This is one of the very first things everyone learns ab...
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19 Oct 2016

Can ‘building in health’ to new developments save the NHS? – a lively debate in Bristol

Can we save the NHS by building healthier places? This was the provocation at last night’s Developing Healthy Neighbourhoods event as part of Bristol’s Healthy City Week. Organised by Bristol Health Partners and IBI Group, and supported by Bristol’s mayor, this event asked the...
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BRE YellowJacket Infographic
25 Aug 2016

124% increase in near miss reporting through YellowJacket app

It has been 2 years since YellowJacket launched its mobile app, Here’s the story:
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