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08 Feb 2017

Reducing the risk of fires on Waste Sites

The Environment Agency, with the help of BRE, has just published a new Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) guidance document as part of a waste site operator permit.  It requires strict limits on waste pile sizes and how they are stored in order to reduce the risk of fires.  The guidance...
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11 Nov 2016

Reducing Gatwick Airport’s false fire alarms

Following a successful campaign to reduce false fire alarms, Gatwick Airport called on BRE experts to review its false alarm data and identify ways of further cutting these incidents. They were able to make recommendations and propose an operational process to address the...
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18 Aug 2016

5 ways YellowJacket can help you manage fire risks

Do you know your closest fire exit when you enter a building? General fire safety precautions include means of escape and fire alarms. In the construction industry however, strict measures are required due to the greater number of fire hazards present on site. The destructive...
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03 Jun 2016

Mobility Scooter Fire Experiments

Lewisham Homes has partnered with the London Fire Brigade, BRE and the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) to carry out tests to examine how effective residential sprinkler systems are on mobility scooter fires. Steve Kilden, Fire Safety Advisor for Lewisham...
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11 Feb 2016

Live investigations of false fire alarms

False alarms have been reported to cost the country up to £1 billion per year, due largely to the disruption and loss of productivity in businesses. There is no single organisation responsible for the investigation of false alarms or providing guidance on reducing them.  This...
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02 Feb 2016

We are BRE

How much do you know about BRE? Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, government or real estate, you have most likely come across either our research, products, services, standards or qualifications in the UK and internationally.  As like any complex organisation, we...
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25 Nov 2015

Sprinkler systems to be fitted in all new and converted housing in Wales from 2016

In January 2014 the Welsh Minister for Housing and Regeneration agreed to fund a series of pilot schemes for the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems in social housing in Wales. This was in preparation for the introduction of the new requirement for fire sprinklers...
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19 Oct 2015

Project ‘SHOUT’ – the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

BRE are drawing attention to Sprue’s initiative “Project SHOUT” to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide gas and to highlight the importance of having carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odourless and colourless gas and its presence...
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28 Sep 2015

Visual alarm devices – their effectiveness in warning of fire

How effective are Xenon and LED VADs? The effectiveness of Xenon and LED visual alarm devices (VADs), used to warn deaf and hard of hearing people of fire, has been investigated in a recently completed research project. The purpose of this research project was to compare the...
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14 Aug 2015

What you need to know…Fire Door Safety

A correctly installed fire door remains fundamental to most fire safety strategies in buildings, despite overall technological advances in building fire safety. The Regulations… Changes in regulations regarding fire safety came into force in 2006 following the Regulatory Reform...
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