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01 Jun 2017

Admiral Insurance and Currie & Brown engage with BRE on QUANTUM project

BRE is working with two of the world’s leading companies as research continues in “QUANTUM” – a four year, pan European project which aims to help close the gap between predicted performance and actual delivered performance in buildings, whilst maintaining comfort for occupants...
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12 Sep 2016

Delivering built asset operational excellence – Insight and tips from construction clients and supply chains

Report from the Constructing Excellence Asset Management group summarises an approach to delivering more value during the operational phase of buildings.  It is based on lessons learnt, insights and tips shared by major construction clients and CE members with the CE Asset...
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18 Feb 2016

Building performance: Bridging the gap between design and operation

By 2050, around half of the total carbon dioxide emissions from the UK non-domestic sector are likely to be from buildings that were constructed before 2020. While newbuild stock constitutes only 1% of the total building stock each year, it drives thinking across the sector in...
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29 Sep 2015

Bridging the Performance Gap

Watch our latest video where BRE researcher Andy Lewry discusses how to Bridge the Performance Gap Building Operators need clear and realistic guidance on targeting energy running costs and on the potential savings available. At their disposal are two seemingly irreconcilable...
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