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15 Oct 2018

Working Together for Disaster Relief – Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Action

On the 8th of February BRE will be hosting the Working Together for Disaster Relief conference, which aims to bring professional and financial services, manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors together with humanitarian actors to examine ways that these groups can work together...
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17 Nov 2017

Tim Wiseman completes charity cycle ride with Article25

Tim Wiseman, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Scheme Manager, completes his journey cycling 500 miles around Myanmar undertaking healthcare building research and raising money for Article25!
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14 Nov 2017

Update from Myanmar – Article25 Charity Cycle

Tim Wiseman, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Scheme Manager, updates us on the progress of his 500 mile charity cycle ride around Myanmar! With support from the BRE Trust, Tim is cycling to raise money for Article25 whilst conducting research into healthcare buildings in the...
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03 Mar 2017

Buildings as materials banks – Enabling a circular way of building

The circular economy aims to change the linear process in which materials are made, used and then disposed. Rather than throwing away, when a material comes to the end of its service it can be reused or regenerated into new products. The material is viewed as a resource rather...
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20 Feb 2017

Building flood resilience into the fabric of Britain

Our climate is changing. We are seeing more extreme weather events which could lead to increases in heavy rainfall and significantly increased risks from river and surface water flooding. A growing population means more houses, which means more people will be at risk. Over 5...
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15 Dec 2016

5 questions about Phase Change Materials (including one about cocktails)

BRE Global technical author Corinne Williams answers 5 questions about her new publication Assessing the performance of Phase Change Materials in buildings. Question 1: Did you have to test several cocktails during the writing of this publication? No! The ice cube example is a...
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11 Nov 2016

Reducing Gatwick Airport’s false fire alarms

Following a successful campaign to reduce false fire alarms, Gatwick Airport called on BRE experts to review its false alarm data and identify ways of further cutting these incidents. They were able to make recommendations and propose an operational process to address the...
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15 Sep 2016

Whole life costing and life-cycle assessment for sustainable building design

The integration of Whole Life Costing (WLC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) presents a powerful route to improving the sustainability of the construction industry. Combining economic and environmental assessment tools to obtain ‘best value’ solutions in both financial and...
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01 Aug 2016

11 things you didn’t know about wood!

HMS Victory not all oak! One of the most famous warships in the world under Admiral Lord Nelsons command at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 ensured HMS Victory’s place in the history books. We know the oak forests of Britain were harvested to build the fleet that ensure Britannia...
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26 Jul 2016

Royal Charter International Research Award

The BRE Trust, in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Constructors, would like to invite applicants for the Royal Charter International Research Award. We are seeking exceptional individuals from across the built environment sector to undertake an innovative, topical...
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