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23 Apr 2019

Re-establish human relationships with the natural world

Continue exploiting natural resources until they are gone, or regenerate them and re-establish human relationships with the natural world – it’s up to us ‘We are living at a point in time when human society’s influence on the environment, and the environmental impact of our...
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08 Feb 2018

How a BRE office became the centre piece for major biophilic design research

A chance encounter in a traffic jam has led to a major scientific investigation on the wellbeing effects of biophilic design History tells us that people have always been influenced and attracted by nature. For example, tomb paintings from ancient Egypt, as well as remains found...
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18 Dec 2017

A New Way to Capture Occupant Well-being

Well-being is a hot topic right now as companies look at ways to improve their staff productivity and creativity in ever increasingly competitive markets. As part of my PhD research, I have been exploring  the idea of using video data to try to gauge occupant well-being in...
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