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14 Aug 2015

What you need to know…Fire Door Safety

A correctly installed fire door remains fundamental to most fire safety strategies in buildings, despite overall technological advances in building fire safety. The Regulations… Changes in regulations regarding fire safety came into force in 2006 following the Regulatory Reform...
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04 Aug 2015

5 Questions for coaching your team to improve sales, reduce costs & deliver results

It’s important to us that the leaders of tomorrow are both well-versed in their technical knowledge, but also in leadership and management skills – able to get the best out of their teams for success. With that in mind, here are our Top 5 questions that you (or a team...
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09 Jul 2015

Lighting: 5 Reasons for you to Upskill

Lighting is a critical subject area in supporting the sustainability agenda. As such, here are our Top Five reasons why it is important to upskill knowledge of sustainable lighting. 2015 is the UN Year of Light – raising global awareness about light-based technologies promoting...
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28 Jun 2015

5 top tips for exam revision

With exam season being in full flow we asked the BRE Academy training team for their top 5 exam revision tips. The tips below are worth considering alongside the more general recommended advice of planning your revision well in advance (don’t leave it until the last moment!),...
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28 Jun 2015

5 things you can do NOW to make sure you are #BIMready

We thought we would offer our thoughts on what you can be doing now to prepare for BIM and be ahead of the crowd in this new digital world. 1. Do your homework – make sure you know what BIM really is and what it means for you, your company and your clients. Online research,...
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12 Jun 2015

5 ways apprentices can benefit a business

Since 2010, more than 2 million apprenticeships have been taken up across a broad range of professional sectors. Since 2010, more than 2 million apprenticeships have been taken up across a broad range of professional sectors. At the BRE Academy, we are delighted to be part of...
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28 May 2015

5 factors you should consider in assessing light pollution potential

The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) have partnered with BRE Academy to supply their expertise to tackle the lighting skills gap in industry. Artificial lighting has transformed the way that we live through reducing dependence on changeable natural light – allowing us...
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