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27 Feb 2017

How “green” mortgages could drive energy efficiency in both new and existing homes

A better representation of home energy costs in our mortgage ‘affordability’ calculations looks like it might be closer to reality than ever before. This means the calculations undertaken to assess what borrowers can afford to repay each month, and therefore the total amount they...
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06 Jun 2016

Householders are wanted for greener mortgages research

Householders are needed to help with green mortgage research that will create more accurate information on energy costs and affordability feeding into the mortgage lending process. The survey gathers key information anonymously on homes, their energy ratings and their actual...
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03 May 2016

Making energy a way of life

Wales can become a low carbon society, but we have to embed the idea of energy efficiency into our institutional processes Although it often feels too big and too remote from our daily lives, we all need to be engaged in the efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change...
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