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22 Aug 2017

Healthy planning and regeneration innovations

Planning and regeneration can help create health promoting environments that are good for people and the environment. Over the last year I’ve been working with Southwark Council on an ambitious project to raise the profile of health and wellbeing in the Council’s...
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20 Dec 2016

Can you help CIOB highlight diversity in our industry?

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) was a sponsor of our collaborative #BEinspired event in September 2016. They have been in touch to invite people from across our sector to their Diversity drinks reception on 31st January 2017. This is an excellent way to give feedback...
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16 Dec 2016

Developing healthy homes and communities does not have to cost extra

There is a common view amongst developers that designing and building for health and wellbeing objectives is more expensive than standard projects and that it doesn’t offer return on investment. I have recently written an article which summarises evidence from a range of...
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19 Oct 2016

Can ‘building in health’ to new developments save the NHS? – a lively debate in Bristol

Can we save the NHS by building healthier places? This was the provocation at last night’s Developing Healthy Neighbourhoods event as part of Bristol’s Healthy City Week. Organised by Bristol Health Partners and IBI Group, and supported by Bristol’s mayor, this event asked the...
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24 Aug 2016

Health and wellbeing at King’s Cross

The King’s Cross Central regeneration project is one of the largest in London and Europe at 67 acres.(1) This exciting development is opening up a part of the city which may be well known to locals but, until recently, was largely hidden to the millions of people who pass through...
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05 Apr 2016

Urban health and sustainability for the built environment

Urban health is a growing research field combining disciplines across health, urban planning, geography and others to explore how the urban context effects health. As an urban planner attending the International Conference on Urban Health last weekend in San Francisco, I was...
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23 Mar 2016

Healthy places through urban transport

Transport is both a problem and a solution for some of society’s biggest challenges including climate change, rising chronic diseases and growing healthcare expenditure. It was implicated in 3.7 million deaths from ambient air pollution in 2012 and annually results in 1.3 million...
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05 Feb 2016

Growing Cities Sustainably

The global trend of urbanisation poses opportunities and challenges for city leaders. Rapidly growing cities will need to build infrastructure and services which support people to access jobs and education. Leading cities will provide a good quality of life to residents and...
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14 Jan 2016

How do cities impact our health and wellbeing?

Built environment professionals are taking a greater interest in the impact of urban environments on health and wellbeing. But what do we really know about how cities impact health? The Guardian held a roundtable in December with a number of health and planning experts on this...
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18 Sep 2015

New USA Smart Cities initiatives to tackle city challenges

In case you haven’t seen it, the White House has announced a number of big initiatives backed by Government funding to accelerate Smart City technologies and collaborative working. The announcement says that the programme will include: ‘More than $35 million in new...
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