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17 Oct 2016

Digital tool training: maximising user knowledge

Digital tools, such as BRE’s SmartWaste and YellowJacket software tools, have created huge possibilities in terms of project management, efficiency and data collection for construction professionals. SmartWaste helps companies through environmental monitoring and data...
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17 Oct 2016

My Construction Role Model: Triumph of the city…

As a born and bred Londoner and certified ‘townie’ it was only a matter of time before an interest in the natural environment, sparked from early experiences of being dragged up mountain sides by my parents, took a turn towards the role of the un-natural environment within the...
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10 Oct 2016

Mental Health: Health & Safety Beyond the Physical

Today, 10th October, it is World Mental Health Day, aiming to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world. At a time where 1 in 5 admit to calling in sick to avoid workplace stress and up to 30% of us would rather avoid talking to our line managers about mental...
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06 Oct 2016

The Power of Data to Stop Waste

Our own James Farrell recently spoke at the Major Infrastructure Resource Optimisation Group (MI-ROG); a group comprising of a range of infrastructure clients with on common purpose: “to avoid wasting valuable resources and to work with supply chains to embed this approach...
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30 Sep 2016

SmartWaste, Mace and sustainability: An interview with Andrew Kinsey

Andrew Kinsey, Head of Sustainability for Construction at Mace since 2012, has been using SmartWaste for several years. He talked to us about his experiences with this tool and how it has benefited Mace’s construction processes. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what drew...
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