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21 May 2019

Biophilic design – health and wellbeing in buildings

How we bring biophilic design into buildings and use it to enhance people’s lives is one of today’s most exciting building design challenges, and one that offers huge opportunities. Oliver Heath, Oliver Heath Design Our built environment is often designed in ways that both...
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23 Apr 2019

Re-establish human relationships with the natural world

Continue exploiting natural resources until they are gone, or regenerate them and re-establish human relationships with the natural world – it’s up to us ‘We are living at a point in time when human society’s influence on the environment, and the environmental impact of our...
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01 Dec 2018

Why is an integrated approach to quality indoor environments so important?

People living in developed countries spend typically 90% or more of their time indoors and more susceptible individuals, such as the elderly, infants and those with pre-existing medical conditions, may spend almost all of their time indoors. Poor housing conditions have been...
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24 Oct 2018

Connecting people and place: the benefits of a Digital Built Britain

With the BRE Cities Convention just a few weeks away, two of our speakers and both leading lights of the built environment world provide an insight into what is really driving connected, smart places and a Digital Built Britain. “The drive for a Digital Built Britain resulted...
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05 Sep 2018

Connecting people and places is everyone’s job

There’s a lot of chatter about smart cities – but what makes a smart city, where do you start, and what if you’re not a city? “Smart cities” has become a byword (byphrase?) for investing in and embedding technology, but it’s much, much more than a...
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