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Clean air day & the built environment

Today we celebrate Clean Air Day! A whole day dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful impacts of air pollution, and learning what we can do to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone. Air pollution is a serious issue that causes a broad range of detrimental...
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Royal Mail’s Landmark Buildings are BREEAM Certified

Last month Royal Mail launched a Special Stamp set to celebrate 10 buildings that represent a resurgence of contemporary architecture in the UK from recent years.
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The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation

The health and wellbeing of building occupants is a hot topic. It has been acknowledged that buildings have a direct impact on human wellbeing and happiness, something that is compounded by the large amount of time we spend indoors. With this growing interest has come a move to...
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World Environment Day – Connecting with nature through biophilic design

The #WorldEnvironmentDay campaign is encouraging us all to get outdoors, explore natural environments and better understand the importance of our relationship with nature.
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BREEAM’s success founded on commitment to research and development

As a product of BRE, it comes as no surprise that independent research and sound scientific evidence are fundamental ingredients of the BREEAM standard.
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