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The British Standards Institution (BSI) are currently undertaking a public consultation exercise to gather feedback on the draft of the newly formed British Standard (BS) 851188 standard. This is expected to replace the existing Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1188 standards for flood resistance products.

This existing PAS standard is broken down into four separate parts:

  • PAS 1188-1: Building aperture products
  • PAS 1188-2: Temporary products
  • PAS 1188-3: Building skirt and wall systems
  • PAS 1188-4: Demountable products

Whereas the new BS  851188 standard will be split into the following categories:

  • BS 851188-1 Flood resistance products. Part 1: Building products
  • BS 851188-2 Flood Protection products – Specification. Part 2

Drafts of both of these new standards are currently live for public comment and consultation through the BSI’s website.

These can be accessed at:

The public consultation phase is expected to be open until 28th May 2019.

These standards look at a series of products for flood resistance, which seek to manage water entry into a building, allowing for appropriate conditions. With a wide range of products now available on the market including both active measures (requiring manual implementation in the event of a flood) and passive measures (not requiring manual implementation in the event of a flood outside of normal everyday use), this standard will help to identify products that have met an industry recognised British Standard.

BRE conduct a wide variety of training in this field of property flood resilience, to find out more about what resources and products are available to help manage your risk of flooding, then take a look at our introduction to property flood protection and flood prevention course. Or for more detailed information about how you can successfully survey the flood resilience of properties, see our Property Flood Resilience Surveyors training course.

Matt Barker
About the Author
I currently work as a consultant for the BRE Centre for Resilience and BRE Scotland, and has been working with BRE since September 2015. My background is environmental science with as specific focus on flood resilience and flood risk management. I also lead Task Group 3 of the Property Flood Resilience Action Plan published by the Defra Property Flood Resilience Roundtable. This involves the set up and management of an independent online advice website - I have also been involved with several key projects, including work on the property flood resilience database (PFR-d) project and have helped to support the transition of this into the Independent Property Flood Surveyor Certification Scheme launching in December 2017.

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