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09 May 2018

We are pleased to welcome Canary Wharf Group PLC, Instrom Limited and ICTS Consult as SABRE Licensed Companies. SABRE is BRE’s security assessment and certification scheme.

If you are investing in security or wish to understand and improve security at new and existing facilities, you need to think carefully about the company you select to provide specialist services and whether the individuals appointed to your project by that company are competent and are of good character.

Each company licensed by BRE Global, the independent 3rd party certification body, employs professionals that have demonstrated high standards of technical competence in the area of security risk management, have undergone background checks and have successfully completed SABRE training. The companies themselves maintain professional indemnity cover and are committed to the ongoing professional development of their staff.

Procuring Specialist Security Services

For new construction projects, SABRE Licensed Companies will be able to support you in achieving SABRE Certification. Don’t forget to specify a target SABRE Rating in your project RFP. SABRE is now recognised within BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 as the only risk based certification scheme capable of helping you meet the Exemplary Criteria in section HEA 06, and achieving the associated Innovation Credit.

When tendering for specialist security consulting services at existing facilities, appointing a SABRE Licensed Company offers quality assurance and can be used in support of In-Use SABRE certification.

If you want to know more about SABRE, check our website or email the SABRE Team.

Gareth Hulmes
About the Author
Gareth Hulmes is the Certification Scheme Manager for SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE), the security assessment and certification standard for New Construction and buildings In-Use.

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