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10 Apr 2018

Say Hello to the Swedish Green Building Council (SGBC)! Next in our featured National Scheme Operators (NSOs).

SGBC operate the BREEAM SE scheme which has been adapted to local climatic conditions, translated to the Swedish language and aligned with the country’s building regulations.

Our feature will promote SGBC for the month in order to showcase the outstanding work they have been doing on behalf of BREEAM. As part of the promotion we will be bringing you interesting facts and articles published by SGBC.

To learn more about SGBC, take a look at their CV below! Remember we’ll be posting top content from BREEAM SE throughout April so watch this space!

About the Author
Sweden Green Building Council is one of the leading organisations on sustainable built environment in Sweden, with more than 300 members working in its domain. Together we influence and promote the transformation of local buildings toward a sustainable society where people can live, work and play.

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