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Say Hello to the Norwegian Green Building Council (NGBC)! The first of our monthly featured National Scheme Operators (NSOs).

NSOs operate adapted, country-specific BREEAM schemes under licence from BRE Global Ltd. These organisations are selected to provide local knowledge, market presence and local stakeholder engagement through their governance structures. Their schemes are adapted to local climatic conditions, translated in the native language and aligned with the country’s building regulations.

Our monthly feature will promote an NSO each month in order to showcase the outstanding work each have been doing on behalf of BREEAM. As part of the promotion we will be bringing you interesting facts and articles published by each NSO.

To learn more about NGBC, the NSO in Norway, take a look at their CV below and remember we’ll be posting top content from BREEAM NOR throughout February, watch this space!

Ana Mendonca
About the Author
BREEAM International Account Manager with a background in sustainability, QMS, EIA and Environmental Monitoring

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