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With the release of its update to the IES TaP system for BREEAM project management, IES in collaboration with BRE has introduced additional efficiencies for users and their BREEAM assessments.

This latest update automatically integrates IES TaP with BRE’s BREEAM Projects platform, enabling smoother assessment submission through IES TaP for BRE quality assurance and certification decisions, with BREEAM International New Construction 2016 being the first scheme supported.

IES TaP for BREEAM is a BRE recognised online project management system that manages the whole project team through the assessment process, including direct connection to BRE’s digital platform for completion of the BREEAM journey. Granted the BRE Global BREEAM Badge of Recognition in 2012, the system is continuing to be a popular solution for all project stakeholders.

As Craig Wheatley of IES explains, “We have been working with BRE on the integration of IES TaP with BREEAM Projects since its release and we are pleased to be able to integrate BREEAM International NC 2016, as a first step to integration of all BREEAM schemes. IES TaP has been at the forefront of Green Project Management tools since its inception in 2012 and now supports multiple systems worldwide”.

Partnerships and digital solutions are key ingredients for achieving the BRE mission to build a better world together, which is why we are particularly pleased to work with IES on closer integration of their BREEAM Recognised Software. This addition to the IES TaP platform delivers efficiencies for users and stakeholders involved in the design, building and assessment process, which in turn facilitates the realisation of best practice and value for clients that specify BREEAM certification.

This announcement follows the recent publication of the draft version of the BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 scheme and a document outlining proposals for implementation of the Strategic Ecology Framework in BREEAM schemes.

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Tim Bevan
About the Author
Tim is the director of operations for BREEAM at the BRE Group. With a background in construction, Tim has over 18 years experience developing and operating built environment assessment and certification schemes for UK and international clients.

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