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‘BE Global’.. that is the vision of 2017 for the BRE Women’s Network, a perspective we will be sharing at this year’s industry wide and collaborative event, ‘#BEGlobal: Insights from our world leading women’ on 14th November 2017 at the IET, Savoy Place in London from 6.30-9.30pm.

Being global is not only what BRE, but I also am passionate about. Having visited the fascinating country of China twice to visit my expatriate friends, I was very fortunate in the Autumn of 2016 to have been sent there on a six month secondment for BRE, with its strong international growth strategy, to our then newly established BRE China office in Shenzhen to support the commercial growth of our brand, research, products and services to China’s exciting and emerging sustainable built environment market.

What a fantastic, culturally rich experience! It was not without its challenges, which included language, cultural, and technological barriers to name a few. However, these were the very things that made the trip so very rewarding and adventurous as I felt my own professional and personal capabilities expanding at what felt at an exponential rate! The positive experiences triumphed, leaving me feeling better equipped to deal with many more situations, people, and new challenges. Being global is something I will now always value, would be happy to experience all over again, and more importantly highly encourage others to do so too.

As a BRE Women’s Network member, it gives me great pleasure that this year’s industry wide event will be centred around inspiring and guiding us all to #BEGlobal, whether that be as an expatriate, or as someone working for or with a global company.

Come and join us for an evening of networking and hearing from an excellent array of guest speakers, including Dr. Peter Bonfield of BRE, Naomi Climer of the IET, Amanda Clack of RICS, and other world leading women and men, at the ‘#BEGlobal’ event in November. Find out more and secure your FREE ticket here.

Farah Syed
About the Author
Farah has an academic background in Civil Engineering, and has worked at BRE for 3 years. She spent part of her time working at the BRE China office in Shenzhen supporting business growth in one of BRE's fastest growing markets. She now works in the BREEAM team as a Technical Consultant working with the International and Infrastructure teams.

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