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The DRAFT technical manual for the BREEAM UK Non-domestic New Construction 2018 manual is now live and ready for your comments.

The launch of the DRAFT scheme marks the end of 12 month process of intense consultation and technical development. Over the last 12 months my team have been working hard to deliver a DRAFT manual which we hope represents another step change in BREEAM, to continue to reflect best practice and drive the Industry to innovate.

We have scrutinised every issue in the manual, asking questions like; ‘is this still relevant?’ ‘Does this still represent best practice?’ ‘Does the criteria deliver the intended outcome?’ …and many more. This enabled us to develop proposals for what we thought needed to change.

From December 2016 to April 2017 we then went through a period of consultation to test these proposals, which included an online survey and a series of workshops with a wide range of stakeholder groups. The response we had from the Industry was amazing, we were so pleased to receive almost 300 responses to our online survey, and have oversubscribed workshops!  A huge thank you to everyone that participated.

All those comments were then tirelessly reviewed and considered by my team, which ultimately then fed into what is now the live DRAFT manual, ready for your further comment. It’s been a long journey for me and my team, but we’re really proud of what we’ve produced (although please forgive us a few typos in the DRAFT document!).

The draft manual can be downloaded from here, where you will also find details on how to feedback.

If you’d like to know more about the detailed changes to the Energy section then register for FREE to listen to our World Green Building Week webinar taking place on 27th September 2017 – click here to register. #WGBW17 #OurHeroisZero

We are also running another free webinar on the 11th October which will provide a general overview of the changes made throughout the whole DRAFT technical manual. Details on how to register will follow soon.

We look forward to your comments! #BREEAM2018


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Charlotte Hardy
About the Author
Charlotte has worked at BRE for over 10 years, in several areas of the business, developing a broad knowledge of the construction industry and sustainability issues. Charlotte’s current role is the scheme manager for BREEAM UK New Construction. She leads the team responsible for continued development and operation of the scheme.

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