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Today is International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating the achievements of women across the world for more than a century, but to also highlight that there are further goals to accomplish in order to move towards gender parity.

Here at BRE, our success is very much dependent on the diversity of people, skills, talents, and ambition, and this applies to the construction industry in general. Diversity in every form facilitates the pooling and utilisation of a wider range of talent, which for an organisation and industry based on research and innovation, is important in providing an environment that nurtures inspiration, ideas and implementation. BRE are ahead of the game in promoting diversity. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) reported 14% of the construction industry are women, compared to approximately 45% here at BRE.

The BRE Women’s Network was set up on International Women’s Day 2013 with a mission to inspire women to forge a career and remain in the construction and property sectors. The network has already made a significant impact, and is featured in the most recent CIC diversity report ‘A Blueprint for Change’, which recognises the obligation to the industry for monitoring, measuring and reporting diversity. You can read more about the BRE Women’s Network within the report, and how it is working towards its mission.

Farah Syed
About the Author
Farah has an academic background in Civil Engineering, and has worked at BRE for 3 years. She spent part of her time working at the BRE China office in Shenzhen supporting business growth in one of BRE's fastest growing markets. She now works in the BREEAM team as a Technical Consultant working with the International and Infrastructure teams.

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