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07 Jan 2016
White City in Baku, assessed under BREEAM International

White City in Baku, assessed under BREEAM International

The core technical standards and processes of BREEAM promote best practice for all aspects of sustainable property development. BREEAM was founded on a broad consensus of knowledge and works with the best and broadest industry expertise to remain up-to-date, responsive and relevant. There is now, in fact, an ongoing timetable for update and development which can be viewed on the BREEAM website here.

The latest BREEAM scheme to undergo its regular update is BREEAM International New Construction. The draft technical standard for the 2016 version of this is live and open for consultation. Key features of the update include the introduction of a ‘shell only’ assessment (in addition to ‘Shell and Core’ assessment) to align with BREEAM International Refurbishment & Fit-out (RFO) and a broader scope to include hotels, residential institutions and educational buildings. These additional build types no longer need to apply for assessment through our bespoke process.

To keep the consultation focused, we have produced a paper on the BREEAM website that highlights the proposed updates and changes to the standard. You can download this and provide your feedback on the BREEAM website here. We are keen to hear from all current and potential users – help us keep BREEAM at the forefront of sustainable design and development and join us developing a tool that is best suited to drive value and performance in buildings.

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