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Cactus inspired biomimicry could help solve water scarcity

Researchers in Beijing have developed a prototype technology using artificial cactus spines to collect fog from the air. Read more on Materials Review.

Drones and robots could create a self-repairing city

Researchers at Leeds University have been granted funding from EPSRC to develop small robots that can detect and repair problems with utility pipes, street lights and roads. See more at Global Construction Review.

“In-situ fabricator” for construction sites

The Swiss National Center of Competence in Research Digital Fabrication have developed an autonomous robot that can go on construction sites and build designs that vary and adapt to site-specific conditions.  Read more on

Duct climbing robots to clean ventilation ducts

Research at UC San Diego have developed robots capable of climbing ducts. The DuCTT (Duct Climbing Tetrahedral Tensegrity) could help solve the problems associated with indoor air quality in air-conditioned buildings. Read more on IEEE Spectrum.

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