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A great video from the archives, provided by Keith Snook of BRE (and CPIC Committee member).

The video comes from CPIC, who started as the Building Project Information Committee (BPIC) in 1987 led by RIBA, RICS, ACE, CIBSE and ICE. BPIC succeeded the Co-ordinating Committee for Project Information (CCPI) which had been established to provide guidance on efficient preparation of project specifications and production drawings.

Research had shown that many problems on site are caused by poor or missing production information. The evidence showed that improvements in the quality of production reduce the incidence of site quality problems and lead to significant savings in the cost of construction work.

The Construction Project Information Committee was set up as an advisory group, comprising representatives of major UK Construction industry institutions, providing best practice guidance on the content, form and preparation of construction production information, and dissemination of this throughout the industry.

In later years, CPIC was a key player in the development of common industry approaches to building information modelling (BIM).

This clip comes from the time of the launch of the original CPI documents in 1987 and shows examples of the consequences of not communicating information effectively through the construction process. This video shows the correlation between the quality of information delivered to site with the quality of finished work.

For more information on CPIC and the work of the Construction Project Information Committee, visit:

For more information on BIM at BRE, visit:

“Progress on site was often disrupted by late or inadequate information”



Then and Now

Here’s some comparison shots from one of the examples used in the video (from the Building Research Establishment in Watford) as it stands today, still with the infill detail at the redundant doorway.



The Doorway then


The Doorway now


Side Entrance Then


Side Entrance Now

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  1. Ali Nicholl
    Ali Nicholl Reply

    Great to look at the foundations of BIM that is now transforming how we deliver buildings.

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