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How do we use energy within our homes? How is the way we live now shaping our energy use?

A BRE Trust report examines changes in English domestic energy use at national level and, where possible, considers what trajectory we can expect for energy use in the future. It is intended that the analysis will allow changes in energy consumption (eg electrical energy use for appliances) to be better understood and taken into account in energy modelling and policy.

The principal sources of data used were the newly available Energy Follow-Up Survey 2011 (2011 EFUS), which can be considered the most comprehensive survey of domestic energy use undertaken in the UK, and its more modest predecessor, the Energy Follow-Up Survey 1998 (1998 EFUS). Other historical data on domestic energy use were examined and included in the report; for example, the United Kingdom housing energy fact file 2013 and Energy consumption in the UK (2013 version). Historical context is also provided through fi ndings from the English Housing Survey (EHS)[4], and its predecessor, the English House Condition Survey (EHCS).

The aspects of energy consumption examined for this report are:

  • lighting – ownership of low-energy lighting, inside and outside our homes
  • appliances – ownership of different types of electrical appliances
  • cooking – ownership and use of ovens, grills, hobs and microwaves
  • space and water heating – including heating patterns, boilers, bathing and showers.

The report is published by IHS BRE Press and is available from the BRE Bookshop here:

Ali Nicholl
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Innovation Network Manager @BRE_Group helping companies to innovate within the built environment. All opinions my own.

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