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infrastructurePerhaps even more than buildings, civil engineering and infrastructure projects need third party certification to verify and demonstrate their attributes and there is considerable scope to apply rigorous standards and tools such as BREEAM to them.
The National Infrastructure Plan published in 2011 identified a pipeline of 550 projects valued at £310bn. There is a strong UK infrastructure programme, with new national rail links such as HS2 and Crossrail, major water and sewerage projects such as the Thames Tideway Tunnels, the construction of nuclear power stations again being considered as well as other projects delivering low carbon solutions.
The BRE Trust has supported a range of research projects that support the development of BREEAM Infrastructure, a science based measurement approach to driving sustainability in infrastructure projects to achieve better outcomes and to encourage innovation and continuous improvement.
Find out more about the infrastructure projects and the wealth of research that the BRE Trust supports through its annual review:

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