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Watch our latest video where BRE researcher Andy Lewry discusses how to Bridge the Performance Gap

Building Operators need clear and realistic guidance on targeting energy running costs and on the potential savings available. At their disposal are two seemingly irreconcilable indicators of performance: the EPC which provides a theoretical assessment of the asset and the DEC which is based on energy bills. To truly understand how a building uses energy, it is necessary to know how the building has been designed and how it is used; this requires both.
BRE’s Andy Lewry says ‘Buildings rarely perform as well as their designers predicted – energy consumption and costs can be as much as double what was expected with damaging financial implications for occupant organisations. This ‘performance gap’ and how we tackle it is one of the most critical challenges faced by the built environment sector. As well as outlining the issues, the presentations show how a freely available tool can be used to find the solutions and how M&T can aid this.’
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