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18 Apr 2018

Making 300,000 new homes a year, happy healthy places to live

What is a Healthy Home? Today, UKGBC with support from BRE and Hoare Lea launch a briefing note.
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07 Nov 2017

BREEAM USA and Fitwel Announce Alignment to Promote Health and Environmental Outcomes

The two leading science-based building rating systems find common ground for users to apply for dual certifications, providing benefits for buildings and their occupants The Center for Active Design (CfAD) and BRE America have announced a crosswalk between the Fitwel...
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The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation

The health and wellbeing of building occupants is a hot topic. It has been acknowledged that buildings have a direct impact on human wellbeing and happiness, something that is compounded by the large amount of time we spend indoors. With this growing interest has come a move to...
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09 May 2017

Can nature in the workplace make us fitter, happier & more productive?

The World Health Organisation expects stress related illness, such as mental health disorders and cardio-vascular disease, to be the two largest contributors to disease by 2020.
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10 Oct 2016

Mental Health: Health & Safety Beyond the Physical

Today, 10th October, it is World Mental Health Day, aiming to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world. At a time where 1 in 5 admit to calling in sick to avoid workplace stress and up to 30% of us would rather avoid talking to our line managers about mental...
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23 Mar 2016

Healthy places through urban transport

Transport is both a problem and a solution for some of society’s biggest challenges including climate change, rising chronic diseases and growing healthcare expenditure. It was implicated in 3.7 million deaths from ambient air pollution in 2012 and annually results in 1.3 million...
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25 Sep 2015

The impact of built environment on wellbeing

Research competition by BRE & UBM highlights the many ways in which our built environment shapes our health and wellbeing. Investigating the intrinsic link between physical environment and social outcomes is a growing research theme in building science. There are many...
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