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13 Nov 2017

New Special Interest Group to enhance security in the built environment

To help drive better security in the built environment, a new Special Interest Group has been launched by building science centre, BRE, in partnership with the Security Institute – the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals. “Rightly so, security is...
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05 Oct 2017

New SABRE Licensed Companies: Oct 2017

  We are pleased to welcome Toren Consulting, Ove Arup & Partners International and Cornerstone GRG as SABRE Licensed Companies. These companies are now able to offer SABRE Assessment services alongside their security consulting services. They join Hilson Moran, Critec...
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18 Aug 2017

Upcoming Event: ‘Planning Today for a Secure Tomorrow’

In July this year, Steve Quartermain CBE, the Chief Planning Officer, wrote to all local planning authorities reminding them of the important role the planning system plays in ensuring appropriate measures are in place in relation to counter terrorism and crime prevention. Crime...
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02 Aug 2017

SABRE registered assessors and professionals

Over the past few weeks, BRE Global have been training the first groups of individuals seeking to become SABRE Registered Assessors. A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical issues covered by the SABRE scheme. Their role is to interpret the requirements...
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31 Jul 2017

The role of planning in delivering a safe and secure built environment

Steve Quartermain CBE, Chief Planning Officer for England has this month reminded Planning Authorities of the important role of planning in delivering a safe and secure built environment. The letter recommends pre-application discussions between planning officers and security...
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10 Apr 2017

SABRE & Arup partner for next security breakfast event

Over the past few months, BRE have been partnering with leading security engineering practices to run a series of security themed breakfast events in and around London for design and construction professionals. The next event will be held in partnership with Arup on 27 April 2017...
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13 Mar 2017

Property & Business Interruption Insurance – Get recognised for good practice

Property protection insurance is not a legal necessity but without it a building owner will have to pay for any damage their property suffers. In addition, a business may lose income and might even face third party compensation claims related to property damage or injury through...
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07 Jul 2016

Security and Fire Engineering Masterclass

On the 7th September, at BRE’s Innovation Park in Ravenscraig, BB7 and BRE Scotland will be holding a Masterclass giving an insight into the latest joined up thinking in resilience strategy. Experts will deliver sessions discussing innovative solutions to mitigate risk through...
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04 Jul 2016

Procuring an effective security system

Buildings protect what is important to us and given that there will always be threats to building security, there is a need to deploy appropriate and proportionate protective security to protect people and assets from losses.  Gavin Jones, Director of SABRE has recently written a...
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01 Jul 2016

The world feels far less secure today than it did only a few years ago but has this influenced security in the built environment?

Gavin Jones, Director of SABRE at BRE Global discusses his views. It’s true, there isn’t a day that goes by without the media reporting on terrorism on our streets or cyber-attacks targeted at our largest and most treasured institutions and companies. Terrorism by its very nature...
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