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07 Dec 2015

Further flooding shows importance of BRE Trust Flood Resilient Repair Project

Sadly, its has not taken long for flooding to return to the UK.  Following the winter of 2013/14, which saw saw some of the worst floods in living memory in different parts of the country, already the winter of 2015/16 looks set to break the records.  It has certainly not started...
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20 Oct 2015

The Hive: Facility to test resilience of sustainable materials

The Hive aims to answer some of the fundamental questions affecting the resilience and performance of sustainable materials.  The research facility opened in September 2014 on land leased from the Science Museum and funding from EPSRC. Video Interview with Dr Mike Lawrence from...
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12 Oct 2015

Developing resilience to natural disasters

How do those responding to the world’s growing number of natural disasters ensure that the affected communities have viable futures after the relief workers have gone home?
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25 Sep 2015

Philippines deployment

Kiru Balson, Building Futures Group, BRE shares her experiences during a 4 week deployment to the Philippines.
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17 Sep 2015

Demonstrating Flood Resilient Technologies

We met up with Stephen Garvin, Director of BRE’s new Centre for Resilience to discuss resilient technologies.  With increases in extreme weather events across the world we need to find new designs, processes and technologies to tackle the challenge.    Dr Garvin is currently...
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