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25 Sep 2015

10 things you might not know about the BRE Group

1. In 1940 Barnes Wallis created a small scale replica of the Mohne Dam on the BRE site to trial out his famous bouncing bombs. The prototype still exists today. 2. BREEAM is the world first environmental scheme for buildings – Since its inception 20 years ago, over 818 943...
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18 Sep 2015

Ever wanted to find out more about the work of the BRE Trust?

A recent interview with BRE’s Group Research Director Deborah Pullen, looks at the work of the BRE Trust, its major achievements to date, its future focus and how to get involved in its programme of activities.  
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15 Sep 2015

Data Acquisition & Processes

During the launch event for Digitising the Construction Sector competition on 20 February the Modern Built Environment KTN held an afternoon workshop session on Data Acquisition and Processing.   A big thank you to all the participants that joined us during the afternoon. We...
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