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07 Feb 2018

5 things construction can learn from automotive

On 25 January the Constructing Excellence were hosted by Tata Steel at their distribution and processing centre at Wednesfield, West Midlands, the largest in the UK.   Tata Steel have invested heavily in the facility including over £12 million in a dedicated Automotive Service...
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15 Jan 2018

High Quality High Density Homes; what we need or storing up trouble?

In the last budget, the Chancellor continued the Governments drive for greater density of housing because people want to live in urban areas and close to work.  With the London Plan (currently under consultation) the Mayor also wants to encourage greater density. There are...
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03 May 2016

Learn how Offsite processes can really make a difference

The UK housing market is facing a major capacity challenge and is not building homes quickly enough. Join Barratts, Calford Seaden and Saint-Gobain in collaboration with Build Offsite on 25th May at the BRE Innovation Park Watford to hear how you can help them address this...
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