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22 Mar 2016

Call for smart tech to map London’s underground assets

Launched by BRE  in partnership with the Mayor of London on Friday, the competition aims to help the capital’s major infrastructure providers gain a shared understanding of the location and state of their underground assets. Winners will earn the opportunity to pitch their...
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05 Feb 2016

Growing Cities Sustainably

The global trend of urbanisation poses opportunities and challenges for city leaders. Rapidly growing cities will need to build infrastructure and services which support people to access jobs and education. Leading cities will provide a good quality of life to residents and...
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29 Jan 2016

The BIM Explainer

Not long ago I read and really liked Randall Monroe’s Book Thing Explainer, and for years I have read his page. It was interesting because it explained things only using the most used ten hundred words; so I have done the same by writing this piece about Building Information...
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28 Jan 2016

BIM business systems certification brings business benefits to BSD

BIM Manager of consulting engineers BSD Ellie Hayes talks to the BRE team about the UK-wide company’s recently awarded BRE BIM Business Systems Certification which demonstrates a company’s compliance with the requirements of BIM Level 2. She explains how BSD and its clients stand...
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11 Dec 2015

New: BREEAM Infrastructure

Following the joining of BREEAM and CEEQUAL, and our future plans to create a single sustainability standard and certification tool for civil engineering and infrastructure projects, we now offer the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) training. Courses available in...
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29 Sep 2015

Researching standards and tools to support sustainable infrastructure

Perhaps even more than buildings, civil engineering and infrastructure projects need third party certification to verify and demonstrate their attributes and there is considerable scope to apply rigorous standards and tools such as BREEAM to them. The National Infrastructure Plan...
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25 Sep 2015

CASE Study – Murphy’s Innovation Portal

We met up with Colin Courtney at Murphy to talk about how they are capturing and sharing innovative ideas and practices across the group. Have a look at our latest innovation case study commissioned by the Knowledge Transfer Network. Murphy employ around 3,500 people with a...
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