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29 Sep 2015

Designing for daylight and sunlight, and shading of buildings– what the BRE experts say

IHS BRE Press have just released an updated series of BRE Expert Collections. These collections pull together BRE’s extensive range of publications including Digests, Good Building Guides, Good Repair Guides and Information Papers into collections relevant to practitioners today....
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29 Sep 2015

The cost of poor housing to the NHS – Briefing Paper

BRE has just published a new briefing paper on how poor quality housing impacts on health. The Briefing Paper, funded by the BRE Trust, updates a previous BRE project The Real Cost of Poor Housing with new models and calculations using 2011 English Housing Survey and 2011...
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25 Sep 2015

Healthy Places for People

Report from Chris Hall BRE invited leaders from local authorities and private sector housing, environmental health, public health and the NHS to discuss challenges and priorities and to share their experiences on how to improve community health through better housing and...
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Image from ECO-SEE
20 Sep 2015

Research to improve well-being of building occupants

The BRE Centre for Innovative Materials at the University of Bath is leading a European consortium of 18 project partners, including BRE on the ECO-SEE Project “The ECO-SEE project aims to address an emerging health problem associated with modern low carbon buildings. Modern...
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