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29 Nov 2017

BREEAM Awards Partners with Ecobuild 2018

It has today been announced that the 2018 BREEAM Awards, the leading awards for sustainability within the global built environment, has joined forces with ecobuild.
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03 Mar 2017

Buildings as materials banks – Enabling a circular way of building

The circular economy aims to change the linear process in which materials are made, used and then disposed. Rather than throwing away, when a material comes to the end of its service it can be reused or regenerated into new products. The material is viewed as a resource rather...
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27 Feb 2017

Ecobuild 2017: from traditional sustainability to more social sustainability?

So much has changed since Ecobuild 2016; things that one would never have imagined possible happened… Leicester City won the Premier League and now face a fight for survival; the political arena globally now looks very different 12 months on too. So we look upon Ecobuild 2017...
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14 Mar 2016

From de-regulation to re-inspiration: the Ecobuild effect

Ecobuild is always a hectic week for us at the BRE, with many hot sustainability topics under debate and solutions put forward to engage with, and this year has been no different. There was much discussion around themes as diverse as BIM, occupant wellbeing, the industry skills...
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10 Mar 2016

All the action from Day 3 of Ecobuild #skills

[View the story “All the action from Day 3 of Ecobuild” on Storify]
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09 Mar 2016

All the action from Day 2 of Ecobuild #BIMready

[View the story “All the action from Day 2 of Ecobuild #BIMready” on Storify]
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08 Mar 2016

All the action from Day 1 of Ecobuild #betterhomes

[View the story “All the action from Day 1 of Ecobuild #betterhomes” on Storify]
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04 Mar 2016

The innovation race is on: Ecobuild 2016 featuring some of the most ingenious industry products

The impacts of 2020 climate targets are rippling through business, finance, and investment communities as well as advancing proactive governmental policies. Achieving business success in a low-carbon economy needs a dramatic shift from the traditional approaches. Echoing the...
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