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01 May 2018

Devising & delivering Social Sustainability & community resilience at neighbourhood level

GREENBUILD EUROPE  – Berlin – 18th April 2018     It is a sunny day in Berlin, and the GreenBuild Europe event is in full swing. I will be presenting a short course on the notion of Social Sustainability and community resilience at the neighborhood level and...
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24 Apr 2018

Lidl – reinforcing a brand through sustainability

After an excellent start establishing their business in Sweden, Lidl has been actively working to strengthen their brand, and a part of this work is to develop sustainable solutions. Lidl started in Sweden in 2003 and the company had humble beginnings, having to make changes in...
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A breakthrough in sharing best practice with the new BREEAM Wiki

The new BREEAM Wiki is a breakthrough in sharing best practice.
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17 Apr 2018

Great news – record amount of registrations for BREEAM Sweden

Registrations for the environmental certification scheme BREEAM Sweden (SE) are exceeding all expectations. During 2017, Sweden Green Building Council received 57 new registrations for projects that want to certify their buildings, according to BREEAM-SE. That’s three times the...
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28 Mar 2018

BRE and GRESB introduce new efficiencies for reporting Green Building Certifications

| Seamlessly add your BREEAM asset certification to the GRESB Asset-level Portal |   BRE and GRESB have teamed up to introduce new efficiencies for reporting Green Building Certifications to the GRESB Real Estate Assessment. The collaboration sees the integration of the...
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26 Mar 2018

GRESB integrates new BREEAM API to enhance green building certification reporting

GRESB and BRE have collaborated to integrate a BREEAM API with the GRESB Portal for the 2018 reporting cycle.
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20 Mar 2018

We’re thinking about water

We are all aware that water is a precious natural commodity and a key component for all life on Earth. Likewise, our economy is dependent on reliable water supplies. Industry, agriculture and energy production all rely on water use and as such contribute heavily to global water...
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20 Mar 2018

Norway’s first BREEAM-certified hotel building

Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport opened on the 28 of February 2017 and is Norway’s first BREEAM certified hotel building. “The hotel is in a community where BREEAM certification is part of the regulation plan,” explains Arild Carter in Linstow Estate. COMFORT HOTEL...
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16 Mar 2018

IES Tap software updated for UK New Construction 2018

IES, in collaboration with BRE, now support BREEAM UK New Construction (NC) 2018, with the release of another update to the IES TaP system for BREEAM project management. IES TaP are delighted to announce that the award winning online BREEAM project management system now supports...
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14 Mar 2018

First BREEAM Norway Kindergarten

Haukåsen Outdoor kindergarten in Trondheim was the first education building to achieve BREEAM-NOR certification. To demonstrate management’s commitment to the environment & sustainability, they have included BREEAM on the educational programme for the eldest children...
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