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Clean air day & the built environment

Today we celebrate Clean Air Day! A whole day dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful impacts of air pollution, and learning what we can do to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone. Air pollution is a serious issue that causes a broad range of detrimental...
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20 Jun 2018

BRE is more than green buildings, it’s changing the impact of the built environment.

When BRE rolled out BREEAM In-Use in America, it was to fill the gap of the 5.6 million existing buildings that were not being addressed with available green building rating systems. BREEAM In-Use doesn’t involve prerequisites so nearly any commercial building no matter what...
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11 Jun 2018

SIMA and BREEAM ES present SIMAlab

At the Madrid Real Estate Exhibition, BREEAM ES and SIMA presented for the first time a reproduction of a sustainable home, in an activity called SIMAlab. SIMAlab is an interactive and informative space, where the house was shown using specific examples on how sustainable...
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04 Jun 2018

Say Hello to ITG!

Say Hello to ITG! The next BREEAM National Scheme Operator (NSO) to be celebrated as our monthly featured NSO! ITG operate BREEAM ES, the locally adapted scheme for Spain. They operate schemes for existing buildings, new construction and communities. To learn more about ITG, take...
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21 May 2018

BRE Response to the National Planning Policy Framework Consultation

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the government’s policy for local planning practitioners and stakeholders.  This includes the way in which local (and neighborhood) plans are developed and applications assessed, and also direction in respect to local policy...
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16 May 2018

BREEAM – Why building LCA?

  Life cycle assessment (LCA) is used to total up the environmental impact of a product’s supply chain. Providing sufficient data is available on the product’s composition and supply chain, LCA can be used to work out the environmental impact of almost anything from a can of...
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14 May 2018

Join BREEAM at The Sustainable Estates Forum

The Sustainable Estates Forum (21st-22nd June, Heythrop Park Resort, Oxfordshire) is a cross-sector event designed specifically to meet the needs of those delivering and operating sustainable building
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11 May 2018

BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 and BRE Sustainable Products

BREEAM launched its latest technical standard: BREEAM UK New Construction (NC) 2018 on the 7th of March 2018. Following a significant update, the ‘Materials’ category encourages whole building life cycle assessment and recognises and rewards construction products with...
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08 May 2018

BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 continues to drive energy performance improvements

Significant changes have been made to the way in which energy performance is assessed under the BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 scheme within Ene01 – Reduction of energy use and carbon emission. In order to address the energy performance gap, new criteria rewarding more detailed...
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02 May 2018

BREEAM In-Use: New improved functionality

BRE Global initially consulted the market to understand which functionality could add most value to the BREEAM In-Use online platform. After this consultation it became clear that three major pieces of work were required. BRE Global is delighted to announce that these have either...
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