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01 Oct 2015

Dan Rossiter talks upcoming BIM tutorials

BIM is huge in the construction industry at the moment. Never has there been a better time to upskill and develop your knowledge on this topic to really add value to your projects. In this video, Dan Rossiter – one of the specialist BIM Training Managers for the BRE Academy –...
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29 Sep 2015

BIM is about the Planet – we must learn from previous mistakes and not blow it (again?)

Keith Snook reports on the evolution of BIM and how it really is about saving the planet. In the rush towards BIM-enabled construction we need to remember what is at the core of what we call BIM, where it came from and maybe even consider how much further we could be along by...
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29 Sep 2015

New Publication from BRE looks at integrating Life Cycle Assessment into BIM

Building information modelling life cycle assessment: An introduction to IMPACT A new information paper by author Daniel Doran considers how embodied impacts in buildings are measured and approaches to building-level life cycle assessment in BIM. The implementation of BIM opens...
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25 Sep 2015

Innovation Learning from Skanska

In the latest in our series of innovator interviews, we caught up with Sam Stacey, Skanska’s Head of Innovation. Skanska is emerging as one of the UK’s most innovative main contractors. Sam joined Skanska in 2011 in a new role as Head of Innovation. Sam has responsibility for...
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17 Sep 2015

BIM’s silo mentality

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s great maritime hubs and home to Maersk, the world’s biggest container shipping company. Even so, the Danish capital’s historic port area known as the Inner North Harbour (Indre Nordhavn) is being transformed into a new waterfront district known as...
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15 Sep 2015

Data Acquisition & Processes

During the launch event for Digitising the Construction Sector competition on 20 February the Modern Built Environment KTN held an afternoon workshop session on Data Acquisition and Processing.   A big thank you to all the participants that joined us during the afternoon. We...
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07 Sep 2015

Friday Fives: 5 Considerations when using BIM internationally

After delivering our BIM International course in Dubai recently, we thought we’d share our top tips for using BIM across different countries. 1. The Devil is in the detail Level 2 in one country is not always the same as Level 2 in another – so do your homework first...
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28 Jun 2015

5 things you can do NOW to make sure you are #BIMready

We thought we would offer our thoughts on what you can be doing now to prepare for BIM and be ahead of the crowd in this new digital world. 1. Do your homework – make sure you know what BIM really is and what it means for you, your company and your clients. Online research,...
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