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09 Nov 2017

BREEAM shortlisted for National Air Quality Awards 2017

The BREEAM team is delighted to have made the shortlist for this year’s National Air Quality Awards for ‘Commercial Sector Air Quality Initiative of the Year’. This recognises the recent work the team has carried out to update the air quality related requirements in the upcoming...
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02 Feb 2016

We are BRE

How much do you know about BRE? Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, government or real estate, you have most likely come across either our research, products, services, standards or qualifications in the UK and internationally.  As like any complex organisation, we...
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28 Oct 2015

Air Tightness: 5 reasons you should know more

We spoke to one of our technical trainers about air tightness in buildings – and here’s what you should know… Achieving a reasonable level of airtightness in new buildings is a mandatory requirement of Building Regulations Part L; and in addition, excessive air...
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07 Oct 2015

Smog Vacuums, 3D printing and glass-based paint – 4 of the best technology videos on the web

3D Printed Glass Team at MIT look at the potential for using 3D printing glass. The two chamber system appeared in the September edition of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing.   Glass paint to keep metal surfaces cool Researchers at John Hopkins University have...
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05 Oct 2015


  A free to download Information Paper from authors Vina Kukadia and Alan Abela looks at how buildings can be made more resilient to chemical, biological and radiological threats. Buildings are currently not designed specifically to offer protection against chemical,...
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29 Sep 2015

Air quality, radon and airtightness – what the BRE experts say

IHS BRE Press have just released an updated series of BRE Expert Collections. These collections pull together BRE’s extensive range of publications including Digests, Good Building Guides, Good Repair Guides and Information Papers into collections relevant to practitioners today....
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