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01 Oct 2015

Dan Rossiter talks upcoming BIM tutorials

BIM is huge in the construction industry at the moment. Never has there been a better time to upskill and develop your knowledge on this topic to really add value to your projects. In this video, Dan Rossiter – one of the specialist BIM Training Managers for the BRE Academy –...
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28 Sep 2015

5 things you might not know about….Passivhaus

We thought we would share 5 things you might not know about this standard. The Passivhaus Standard is the fastest growing low energy standard in Europe Over 30,000 buildings have been realised so far Passivhaus buildings have a high level of indoor air quality – roughly...
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20 Sep 2015

Home Quality Mark HQM – 5 things you need to know

During Summer, the BRE Academy launched training on the Home Quality Mark – the new national standard. To celebrate this, we thought we’d share 5 things you probably should know about this standard – and why you should think about becoming a HQM assessor. HQM gives...
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16 Sep 2015

Home Quality Mark Training

Home Quality Mark Training The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the new national quality mark designed to give people the confidence that the new homes they are choosing to buy or rent are well designed, well built, and cost effective to run. To carry out Home Quality Mark Assessments,...
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16 Sep 2015

Transition Training for ISO9001 and ISO14001

International Standards make things work. They give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating international trade. Why is transition training needed? All international standards...
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12 Sep 2015

5 things you might not know about BREEAM In-Use

BREEAM In-Use (BIU) is designed to help building managers and owners reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance of existing buildings. The scheme uses an assessment tool that can be completed by building managers and owners to self-assess their buildings....
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07 Sep 2015

Friday Fives: 5 Considerations when using BIM internationally

After delivering our BIM International course in Dubai recently, we thought we’d share our top tips for using BIM across different countries. 1. The Devil is in the detail Level 2 in one country is not always the same as Level 2 in another – so do your homework first...
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27 Aug 2015

Discussion Topic: Why train staff if they leave?

An article originally posted on LinkedIn, our Business Development Manager, Laura discusses the importance of developing staff – even if they leave. So: An MD asks his FD – why pay to train staff if they end up leaving us? Good question, but ask yourself this –...
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14 Aug 2015

What you need to know…Fire Door Safety

A correctly installed fire door remains fundamental to most fire safety strategies in buildings, despite overall technological advances in building fire safety. The Regulations… Changes in regulations regarding fire safety came into force in 2006 following the Regulatory Reform...
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04 Aug 2015

5 Questions for coaching your team to improve sales, reduce costs & deliver results

It’s important to us that the leaders of tomorrow are both well-versed in their technical knowledge, but also in leadership and management skills – able to get the best out of their teams for success. With that in mind, here are our Top 5 questions that you (or a team...
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