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19 Sep 2017

SABRE registered professional is the first BREEAM-recognised scheme for suitably qualified security specialists

  BRE Global is pleased to introduce the first registration scheme for security professionals wanting to demonstrate their ability to act as a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS), as referenced in the BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) UK New Construction...
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08 Sep 2017

Keeping you dry

Keeping you warm, dry and safe are the basic functions of a home.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen plenty of examples across the world where this basic functionality has not been achieved.  In Houston Texas, tens of thousands of people have been displaced, and over 1200...
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Royal Mail’s Landmark Buildings are BREEAM Certified

Last month Royal Mail launched a Special Stamp set to celebrate 10 buildings that represent a resurgence of contemporary architecture in the UK from recent years. The Landmark Buildings issue uses photography to capture remarkable structures from all over the country. Royal Mail...
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The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation

The health and wellbeing of building occupants is a hot topic. It has been acknowledged that buildings have a direct impact on human wellbeing and happiness, something that is compounded by the large amount of time we spend indoors. With this growing interest has come a move to...
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18 Aug 2017

Upcoming Event: ‘Planning Today for a Secure Tomorrow’

In July this year, Steve Quartermain CBE, the Chief Planning Officer, wrote to all local planning authorities reminding them of the important role the planning system plays in ensuring appropriate measures are in place in relation to counter terrorism and crime prevention. Crime...
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15 Aug 2017

Happy National Allotment Week! Growing stuff is good for the soul.

Happy national allotment week! With a rapidly growing population, an estimated 90% of our time spent inside, and with increasingly digitalised realities submerging us (you can buy virtual reality head sets in Tesco?!), I think it’s safe to say, we need to get outdoors; look at...
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15 Aug 2017

BREEAM Communities International 2012 is now live

The technical manual for the internationalised issue of the BREEAM Communities 2012 scheme (v1.2) is now live and the scheme is open for registration for non-UK projects, as well as UK ones. The launch of the revised scheme removes the need of having to go through a bespoke...
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07 Jul 2017

International partnership for sustainable construction promises tangible benefits to Russian construction sector

A new partnership aims to drive sustainable best practice through knowledge share and the development of BREEAM in Russia.
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Temple Farm
19 Jun 2017

First ever BREEAM Communities innovation credit is claimed by Temple Farm Development

Temple Farm Development spreads across an 85 acre rural site in Chelmsford, England. The project comprises offices, residential and healthcare buildings, and an Energy Centre.
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London construction
16 Jun 2017

Green Guide to Specification, certified Environmental Profiles and BREEAM

The current focus on whole building LCAs reflects a strategic shift in the approach taken in sustainability assessment of the built environment within the BREEAM family.
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