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05 Apr 2019

News Update from BRE’s Housing and Health Team – April 2019

Care and Repair England BRE’s Helen Garrett was invited to attend a CRE Older People’s Housing Champions Network meeting where she: shared knowledge on the nature and scale of the types of unsuitable housing, with a focus on older home owners and disrepair in their homes explored...
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22 May 2017

Innovative and durable cladding solution for retrofit

BRE, one of a consortium of 12 partners from 5 countries, is working on an EU funded project, GELCLAD.1 GELCLAD is a cladding innovation designed with a wood-polymer biocomposite (ecoWPC) skin with insulant aerogel at its core. The overarching aim of the GELCLAD project is to...
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14 Nov 2016

Inspire a generation

‘We British are natural born pessimists. After some initial euphoria on winning the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games in 2005, the “British Disease” kicked in and we reverted to type. “Waste of money”, “it will be late”, “it will be rubbish like the Millennium Dome” etc....
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04 Aug 2016

6th APRES Annual Conference announced

The 6th APRES Annual Conference on ‘Responsible and ethical sourcing – a professional approach for materials, products and people’, will be held on 29 November at 11 Cavendish Square in London. Aimed primarily at clients, developers, architects, construction, sustainability and...
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Canary Wharf Contractors
28 Jul 2016

New Standard will help the construction sector to address modern slavery in supply chains

The latest report from the Global Slavery Index reveals that modern slavery now affects 48 million people worldwide. ‘While the report cites the number of people affected in the UK at a relatively low 13,000, this figure doesn’t reflect the complex supply chains of most sectors,...
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09 Jun 2016

Get involved – built environment women’s network event this September

Did you know that just 14% of the construction workforce is female according to the CIC diversity report, ‘A Blueprint for Change’? These findings are also supported by the recent BRE Academy Skills Gap survey, which reported a lack of gender diversity at all levels across the...
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29 Apr 2016

A straight forward approach to Energy management and building controls

Building controls, whether stand-alone units or full building energy management systems (BEMS), are designed to provide a comfortable climate for building occupants while consuming the lowest possible amount of energy. Controls can be used to manage heating, cooling,...
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28 Apr 2016

Wireless Sensors in Conditioned Based Asset Management

The rate of development of information and communications technology (ICT), sensor technology and data processing systems is creating major opportunities for the development of new services and solutions in a wide range of industrial sectors.  In particular it provides the...
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23 Mar 2016

Code for Sustainable Homes – The Numbers

This article summarises the findings of a recent BRE Trust funded research project, performed in collaboration with the University of Reading, which analysed the data collected by the Code for Sustainable Homes (the Code) from its inception in 2007 until the end of July 2014...
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15 Nov 2015

Responsible sourcing network APRES given new home at BRE

Building science centre BRE announced today that the Action Programme for Responsible Sourcing network – APRES – will transfer to its management from 2016. Now in its 5th year, APRES was created by Loughborough University with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences...
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