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05 Feb 2016

Alkali-activated binders for precast and ready-mixed concrete products

Alkali-activated (AA) binder technologies can utilise locally available clays, waste materials and industrial by-products in combination with a manufactured chemical activator. The production of AA binder technologies uses less energy and produces less carbon dioxide than...
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03 Feb 2016

Energy management – back to basics

The control of energy in buildings is generally poor, despite the availability of a range of tried and tested systems incorporating both mature and innovative technologies. Building controls are designed to provide a comfortable climate for building occupants while ensuring this...
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02 Feb 2016

We are BRE

How much do you know about BRE? Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, government or real estate, you have most likely come across either our research, products, services, standards or qualifications in the UK and internationally.  As like any complex organisation, we...
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25 Jan 2016

Lighting impacts on health and what the industry should know

Adequate lighting and lighting controls, including the provision of emergency lighting, are essential to enable people to work and move around a building or external site safely. Poor lighting, particularly lighting that causes glare, can give visual discomfort which may result...
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