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04 Mar 2016

Sunshine and Blue Skies for the launch of the Zero Bills Home on the BRE Innovation Park

[View the story “Launch of Zero Bills Home on the BRE Innovation Park” on Storify]
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25 Jan 2016

Research at Cardiff

Find out more about the great work being supported by the BRE Trust at the BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Engineering at Cardiff University. Current research ranges from BIM, energy modelling, water modelling to resilience. Click on a PhD project to find out more: 2035 Oil and...
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18 Jan 2016

Briefing Paper – Reducing Crime Hotspots in City Centres

A new Briefing Paper funded by the BRE Trust considers the important role that built environment play in crime and disorder. The paper by authors Sharon Monahan and Andrew Gemmell is based on research funded by the BRE Trust as part of its Future Cities Programme, with the...
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11 Dec 2015

Cardiff University Sustainability Platform

Find out more about the work of the BRE Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University. The Centre, headed up by Professor Yacine Rezgui,  have a focus on creating digital representations of large scale built environment utility systems including energy and water and linking them to...
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07 Dec 2015

Fellowship opportunity at BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials at University of Bath

The BRE Centre for Innovative Construction and the at the University of Bath is currently seeking to recruit a new academic staff position (Prize Fellow) for an early career researcher in Innovative Construction Materials. The position will lead to a permanent academic staff...
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Timber frame at the Adapt Enterprise Centre Courtesy Adapt
27 Oct 2015

CASE STUDY: Sustainable Timber on BREEAM Outstanding Adapt Enterprise Centre

The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia opened in autumn 2015.  The 3,400 square metre building is one of the largest timber frame structures in the UK and has achieved BREEAM Outstanding.  The building aimed to demonstrate to that natural products can provide...
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23 Oct 2015

Biomimicry and lots of robots – technology roundup from Technology4Change

Cactus inspired biomimicry could help solve water scarcity Researchers in Beijing have developed a prototype technology using artificial cactus spines to collect fog from the air. Read more on Materials Review. Drones and robots could create a self-repairing city Researchers at...
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20 Oct 2015

The Hive: Facility to test resilience of sustainable materials

The Hive aims to answer some of the fundamental questions affecting the resilience and performance of sustainable materials.  The research facility opened in September 2014 on land leased from the Science Museum and funding from EPSRC. Video Interview with Dr Mike Lawrence from...
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13 Oct 2015

Latest edition of BRE bestseller Building on Fill: Geotechnical Aspects

IHS BRE Press has just published the 3rd edition of the bestselling publication Building on fill: geotechnical aspects.  The latest revision, funded by the BRE Trust, draws on more than 40 years of BRE’s research and consultancy in the field. A high proportion of commercial,...
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07 Oct 2015

Smog Vacuums, 3D printing and glass-based paint – 4 of the best technology videos on the web

3D Printed Glass Team at MIT look at the potential for using 3D printing glass. The two chamber system appeared in the September edition of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing.   Glass paint to keep metal surfaces cool Researchers at John Hopkins University have...
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