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26 Jan 2017

12 ways you can engage with higher education

The construction industry is keen to ensure that education and training is as relevant as possible to industry needs and based the latest industry practice, whilst academia need support basing assignments and projects on real projects and current industry experience. This blog...
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19 Dec 2016

Santa Claus signs up as Constructing Excellence Member

We are delighted to announce Constructing Excellence’s latest member Santa Claus Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of toys by volume.  Santa is about to embark on a major redevelopment of his toy  manufacturing and logistics centre at the North Pole and took...
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06 Dec 2016

The insurance market has failed to keep pace with the construction sector – it’s time to improve collaboration

Key players in the construction sector recently met with leading construction insurers to discuss current trends and debate the future outlook for their industries. The meeting of minds was organised following a discussion between Lucas Fettes & Partners and Constructing...
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24 Nov 2016

See all the action from On Your Marks, Set, Build the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference

[View the story “All the twitter action from the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference” on Storify]
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21 Nov 2016

New models for our new world order

‘Our recent Brexit experience in the UK and Trump experience in the US reminds us that unexpected changes in political and economic models are set to have a huge impact on our lives. The same is true of unexpected change or innovation in business models. All around us are...
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07 Nov 2016

Follow all the action at the #CE2016 National Awards

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Well done to all the winners at #CE2016 National Awards” on Storify</a>]
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19 Oct 2016

Delivering Sustainability Digitally

On 4th October the Constructing Excellence theme groups on Digital Construction and Sustainability got together at the Turner & Townsend London offices to look at Delivering Sustainability Digitally.  Chaired by Paul Toyne the session explored how digital technologies and...
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23 Sep 2016

Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Working

The Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions have outlined the top 10 most important issues that define collaborative working and make it work, in terms of delivering superior outcomes for clients, suppliers and stakeholders. Encourage the culture, and reward the...
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16 Sep 2016

10 ways to kill off collaborative working

Excellent set of tips from the Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions.  The group have been looking at the things people do that either act as a break on Collaborative Working or stop Collaborative Working dead in its tracks before it has a chance to get...
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12 Sep 2016

Delivering built asset operational excellence – Insight and tips from construction clients and supply chains

Report from the Constructing Excellence Asset Management group summarises an approach to delivering more value during the operational phase of buildings.  It is based on lessons learnt, insights and tips shared by major construction clients and CE members with the CE Asset...
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