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19 Sep 2017

SABRE registered professional is the first BREEAM-recognised scheme for suitably qualified security specialists

BRE Global is pleased to introduce the first registration scheme for security professionals wanting to demonstrate their ability to act as a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS).
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02 Aug 2017

SABRE registered assessors and professionals

Over the past few weeks, BRE Global have been training the first groups of individuals seeking to become SABRE Registered Assessors. A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical issues covered by the SABRE scheme. Their role is to interpret the requirements...
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10 Apr 2017

SABRE & Arup partner for next security breakfast event

Over the past few months, BRE have been partnering with leading security engineering practices to run a series of security themed breakfast events in and around London for design and construction professionals. The next event will be held in partnership with Arup on 27 April 2017...
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02 Mar 2017

Special Event (Limited Availability): Securing Buildings and Infrastructure

Are you involved in the design and construction of new buildings and infrastructure? How do you address your clients’ security needs? Have you followed the right process and have you identified appropriate solutions that offer value for money? Over the coming months, BRE...
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01 Mar 2017

SABRE at Data Centre World 2017

There is a shared interest amongst data centre users, service providers and consumers in there being effective and proportionate security at data centres. This requires a security-minded approach to data centre planning, design, construction, operation and outsourcing. It...
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