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22 Jan 2016

Health & safety: not ‘No’, but ‘How?’

Too often in the construction industry, health and safety practices, protocols and professionals are (often incorrectly) seen as being ‘blockers’ to productivity, efficiency and in some cases – fun! So what can be done to try and change this perception? Changing culture and...
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11 Nov 2015

Radon – statistics you should know about

Below are several useful infographics about Radon you can download and share to spread the word of #UKRadonWeek 2015! PDF downloads of these infographics are available here:   ukraw-radon-when-buying-a-home ukraw-radon-in-workplaces ukraw-radon-in-new-buildings...
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09 Nov 2015

5 Things you may not know about Radon

Did you know this week is UK Radon Week? The BRE Academy, along with Public Health England and the UK Radon Association is supporting this campaign to raise awareness of radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer. But do you know what radon is? And how it can affect you? Read...
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02 Nov 2015

Boardroom to Building site survey launched – Win an Apple Watch!

You may have read our previous blogs about this survey being launched by the BRE Academy (if not, then have a read: ‘Measuring the Boardroom to Building Site skills gap‘ and ‘Closing the skills gap: how important is it for future construction‘ , and we can...
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30 Oct 2015

5 benefits of attending our FREE leadership & management event

The BRE Academy is working with experts in industry and leadership and management to develop training programmes designed to support both individuals and organisations. The 10th of November will see professionals from the construction, architecture, engineering and environmental...
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28 Oct 2015

Air Tightness: 5 reasons you should know more

We spoke to one of our technical trainers about air tightness in buildings – and here’s what you should know… Achieving a reasonable level of airtightness in new buildings is a mandatory requirement of Building Regulations Part L and a key aspect of the...
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08 Oct 2015

The Great British BIM Off

It’s not often that baking and construction are compared, but that just what our BIM training manager, Dan has done. Whilst watching the Great British Bake Off last night, he found himself thinking about how similar baking can be to working with BIM. He took to his LinkedIn...
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05 Oct 2015

5 updates to key ISO standards in 2015

International standards provide essential baseline requirements to ensure that businesses can trade with ensured quality, safety and efficiency, both nationally and internationally. The International Organisation for Standards (ISO), an independent organisation composed of...
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28 Sep 2015

5 things you might not know about….Passivhaus

We thought we would share 5 things you might not know about this standard. The Passivhaus Standard is the fastest growing low energy standard in Europe Over 30,000 buildings have been realised so far Passivhaus buildings have a high level of indoor air quality – roughly...
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20 Sep 2015

Home Quality Mark HQM – 5 things you need to know

During Summer, the BRE Academy launched training on the Home Quality Mark – the new national standard. To celebrate this, we thought we’d share 5 things you probably should know about this standard – and why you should think about becoming a HQM assessor. HQM gives...
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